Hello! I'm Mégane,
An aspiring graphic designer

Mégane Bilodeau

Graphic design student

I was always very artistic and I was fortunate enough to find out about graphic design early on and even luckier that it turned out to be exactly what was right for me.

I love working on page layouts wether it’s digital or print, I’m also interested in Branding and Packaging and I’d love to work more in Motion Design.

Fictional projects

A lot of the projects we worked on in class were scenario projects to help us learn and develop our skills.

Actual client projects

From time to time we would get to work with a real client and a few of my projects have been realized.

Personal projects

In my free time (which isn’t often) I’ve worked on a few designs and illustrations for the fun of it.

My Projects

You can also follow my work on my social media pages!